Services 2017

Creative. We can oversee your complete visual art direction and creation. Pony Club’s Membership includes access to a global pool of the world’s best photographers, designers and fine artists. We specialize in asset development for packaging, marketing and memorabilia.  

Live. Pony Club have toured the world in support of artist merchandise and direct-to-fan initiatives. We manage temporary retail stores from concept to execution. The PC provides lifestyle event production, brand collaborations and once-in-a lifetime experiences.   

Manufacturing. Our Membership includes the best printers, embellishers and distributors in Los Angeles. We can garment manufacture to your specification complete with custom dyes, washes and hand treatments. What we can’t make in our neighborhood, we can source from Mexico, Europe and Asia. The Pony Club specialize in creating custom packaging and giving attention to the most minute details for an impactful holistic result.   

Digital. Pony Club love social media. We develop unique and engaging campaigns to catch and hold the attention of your audience. The PC develops product release strategies, bespoke storefronts, global fulfillment and charitable campaigns.