Pony Club Golf is the clothing brand venture of Pony Club.
Pony Club provides artists and managers with what we have always known they deserve – inspired ideas and their impactful implementations across all aspects of the music industry, from tour, to ecommerce, curation & exhibition, brick and mortar retail, and beyond.
We were over cookie cutter, cheap date quick fixes for what should be integral, meaningful and exciting expressions of an artist’s identity. We were ready to do more and to do it right, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since we opened our doors in 2017.  


festival management and concessions.
bespoke product range development with environmental and ethical manufacture.
inventive displays, alternative points of sale, vip experiences, with hands-on live service.
seamless international coverage inclusive of budgets, forecasts, logistics and timely reporting and settlement.
hard earned expertise of many years spent touring on the road and 100s of shows vended.


personalized product release strategy with a big picture view of your brands direction.
integrated social media campaigns.
lively content creation not limited to custom packaging, product shots, look books, admats, .movs and .gifs.
empower the latest technology to support album presales, charitable campaigns, seasonal, subscription, countdown and daily sales.


thoughtful distribution to suitable retail outlets across fashion, boutique and independent chains.
quick deployment or long-term pop up shop management.
relevant lifestyle third party licensing and cobranded campaigns.


professional physical and digital art archiving, curation & photography. Digital art recreation. Condition assessments,
valuations and conservation. Conservation grade handling and packaging. Artist management and liaison.